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Invention United is a new social platform that aims to build partnerships and promote technology licensing between different companies and universities. We solicit analysis and product ideas from people around the world to integrate and unite patented technologies into potential products. By identifying new opportunities and collaborations, we create value for organizations and liquidity in IP exchange. Scientists and engineers make money by selling these connections on our site, so join challenge your creativity, boost your profile, and help solve the world's problems.

Invention United is proud to launch our new website. You now have the ability to sell your ideas directly to universities, companies, investors, and other scientists. We envision ourselves as an Amazon for selling scientific product development ideas. You can click on the tab "Submit a Project" on the right to submit your own product proposals at any time.

Review other scientists' ideas by clicking on "Projects" in the menu. Review the technologies at your disposal to analyze, comment on, and use in your different projects under "Technologies." Focus on integrating different technologies together, since that is what will help sell your ideas to the most different institutions and groups of people.

Startup Guide for Invention Owners Startup Guide for New Users
1. We post your patented technology for free on our website. We can link the information from your website, or post a summary on Invention United. You choose how much to disclose. 1. Survey and discuss Technologies on our website with fellow scientists to analyze how they could integrate together like building blocks into new products.
2. Review Projects posted for your Technologies and purchase the Project Descriptions. You can review the abstracts and technologies used for free. We recruit scientists and help score the ideas for you. 2. Read Projects to see other product ideas already submitted: Medicine, Energy, Environment, Agriculture, and more. You decide what you want to design and create.
3. Choose to incentivize users with prize for submitting analysis and incorporating your technologies into new product plans. Choose the nature of the prize and the deadline. 3. Submit a Product Plan incorporating technologies on the site. Use the tab on the right of the website.
4. Utilize projects to advertise your technologies, identify licensing targets, establish new joint ventures, direct your own internal research, and identify employees to hire. 4. Earn Money from selling your Projects. People pay a small fee to read your ideas. Companies can also pay to contact you for jobs based on your ideas and merit.

Finding new applications for your technologies

Sample Projects

Deactivation of Chlorinated Substances in Drinking Water
Inventor Username: Jean Luc
Institution / Job: Recherche Scientifique
Date Submitted: 7/3/2012 11:34:04 AM
Abstract: The presence of chlorinated substances in drinking water is mainly due to the follow processes: Chlorinated substances which are used as pesticides and insecticides in agriculture are absorbed in ground soil and contaminate underground water. PVC garbage in Landfills is degraded by catalase from plant roots or soil microbial flora. The so formed chlorine radicals react with other organic materials in Landfill, leading to a variety of chlorinated substances which are also absorbed in ground soil and contaminate underground water, exactly as described above. Chlorine contamination of drinking water is a serious but underestimated problem, especially in small communities in rural areas or near Landfills. Thus, novel methods for deactivation of chlorinated substances in drinking water, must immediately be adopted.

Solvent Free Preparation of Zinc salts with Organic acids
Inventor Username: padochem
Institution / Job: Self-Employed Research Consultant
Date Submitted: 7/4/2012 11:45:13 AM
Abstract: Organic salts of zinc prepared in liquid CO2, are aromatic solvents free. The so prepared zinc carboxylates can be used as safe and non-toxic ingredients in dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical formulations.

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